Useful District Documents
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This page contains information of use to members of the New Zealand - South Pacific District of Kiwanis International.
Quick overview of documents available :
Club officer election report,
Club monthly report,
Member change form,
New member add fee,
Club strategic plan,
NZ Charities act suggestions,
Club bylaws,
Club Acheivement Award,
District bylaws,
District policies,
District board procedures,
District budget,
District strategic plan,
Liability insurance (NZ clubs),
District Awards,
50th Anniversary Logo
Foundation brochure,
Foundation constitution,
Kiwanis links
Reporting Club Officer Elections read hereFor club secretaries :  Elections for club officers are held in April or May of each Kiwanis year.  These need to be reported to the district.
Read the instructions and download the form.
The club monthly report read hereFor club secretaries :  Monthly reporting for clubs in the NZ-SP District for the 2018/2019 Kiwanis year.  Read the instructions and download the form.
Reporting club membership changes in the NZ-SP District read hereFor club secretaries :  Guidelines on how to report details on new members, member deletes and member address changes.  Read the instructions and download the form.
Calculating and paying new member add fees. read hereFor club secretaries and treasurers :  Have an new member in your club?  Well done!  The Kiwanis International new member add fee needs to be paid.  Read the details here.
Strategic planning for clubs (I-Plan). read hereFor the club board of directors.  Think of a strategic plan as your club’s road map :  You can choose the roads you want to take, but the strategic plan ensures you reach your destination - your goals.  Every club should create their own strategic plan.  Our strategic plan is commonly called the I-Plan because the priority areas begin with an "I" :  inspiration, impact, image and investment.  Kiwanis International has created a "Club Planning Tool" to make your planning easier.  Read or download the Club Planning Tool here.
Club and member achievement awards & criteria The old District Achievement Award trophy for clubs was discontinued after the 2007/2008 Kiwanis year.
A new Club Achievement Award with simplfied criteria was started for the 2015/2016 Kiwanis year but there was no trophy and there was little uptake.  For the 2016/2017 Kiwanis year and subsequently, a banner patch was awarded for clubs that submitted their monthly report spreadsheets - see Club monthly report.
Kiwanis International used to recognize "Distinguished Clubs" and "Distinguished officers" that met certain criteria which changed from year to year but in the April 2015 "Kiwanis Dateline" it was announced that these awards have been indefinitely suspended.  Starting with the 2016/2017 year, Kiwanis International have introduced a "recognition program for Kiwanis International members, clubs and districts".  This is somewhat laborious and is based on the completion of the Kiwanis International on-line monthly reporting (which is optional for our district).  The criteria have not been published on the Kiwanis International web site but if any clubs are interested in these recognitions, information is available from the District Webmaster (David Fentress).
District Foundation :  brochure, donation form for clubs and grant application instructions read the brochureThe "District Foundation Brochure" explains what the Foundation does, how it works and the incentives for clubs for supporting the Foundation with a donation (a donation form is included in the brochure).
read hereClubs wishing to apply to the District Foundation for a grant on behalf of a suitable charity should read this page which has a link to the grant application form.
District Foundation Constitution read hereThe officially registered rules which define how the NZ-SP District Foundation Trust is governed and its purpose.  This constitution was last revised in August 2011.
District Strategic Plan read hereAlso known as the "I-Plan", these are guidelines for how the NZ-SP District wants to develop and what needs to be done to get there.
District Budget The 2018/2019 NZ-SP District budget can be viewed here.
To access the budget, you will need the user name and password (these are the same for everybody and the same as that required to access the on-line district directory).  You can find this on Page 3 of the printed or PDF "NZSP District Directory" (any recent edition).  If you cannot find a recent printed or PDF District Directory, your friendly webmaster (Dave Fentress) can also provide these details by email.  Remember that both username and password are case-sensitive and must be entered exactly as written.
Suggestions for getting registered under the "Charities Act" ONLY relevant for New Zealand clubs. Suggestions from the district board on how to register a Kiwanis club with the New Zealand Charities Commission.
Liability insurance policy for New Zealand clubs" Kiwanis Clubs in New Zealand are protected by a liability insurance policy paid for on their behalf by the NZSP District.  Read the summary here.
District bylaws read hereThe bylaws (registered rules or constitution) under which our district operates.  Read the New Zealand - South Pacific District Bylaws (current as at September 2015) here.
District policies read hereThe district policies have been officially adopted by the membership to clarify the management of the district.  Read the New Zealand - South Pacific District Policies (current as at September 2016) here.
District board procedures read hereThe district board procedures have been adopted by the district board to define how they manage the district.  Read the New Zealand - South Pacific District Board Procedures here.
Suggested club bylaws Suggested club bylaws for the Kiwanis clubs in New Zealand.
District Awards Annual or occasional trophies or plaques awarded by the district for the Kiwanis club achievement in the district.
Our District is 50 years old in 2019. To mark this anniversary, a commemorative logo has been created.  This can be downloaded by clubs, bulletin editors and members to use on advertising, mementos, web pages, etc.  The logo and instructions for using it can be found on this page.

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