District Policies

As at September, 2018

Overview of district policies :
  No. 1 :  District Policies and Trustee Procedures Defined
No. 2 :  Electioneering and Promotional Materials
No. 3 :  Raffles
No. 4 :  Nominations for International Office
No. 5 :  Lt. Governor Substitutes
No. 6 :  District Projects Funding
No. 7 :  District Support - Science Fairs
No. 8 :  District Project - Key Club Sponsorship
No. 9 :  District Project - South Pacific Islands Support Project
No. 10 :  District Convention Standing Rules
No. 11 :  Kiwanis Support for the Threads Across the Pacific Project


Policy No. 1 :  District Policies and Trustee Procedures
 Purpose :  To define District Policies and Trustee Procedures.
a.   A District Policy is a basic principle which is required to be put to the delegates at any District Convention, to be circulated and voted upon in the same manner as any Bylaw amendment. Any addition or amendment to a District Policy shall be submitted for approval in accordance with our District Bylaws.
  Examples :  A District Policy covers those matters which directly affect e.g. national projects; candidates for office; electioneering etc.
b.   A Trustee Procedure is the established method or manner adopted by the Trustees for the administration of the District.
 Examples :  applications for and organisation of District Conventions; implementation of Strategic Plan; development of training programmes; specific financial provisions (establishing and use of reserves, trustees' travel, defining Trustees' reimbursable costs), operating procedures.
Adopted unanimously at the 1999 District Convention.   Amended at 2008 District Convention.
Policy No. 2 :  Electioneering and Promotional Materials
 Purpose :  To establish the criteria for the election materials for candidates for election to office.
Any candidate whose name is properly submitted to District Secretary as a candidate for office is obliged to ensure that any electioneering or promotional material which is issued or distributed on behalf of such candidate is confined to one (1) A4 size sheet of paper or smaller in English, plus one (1) A4 size sheet or smaller in French. Both sides of the sheet may be used.
Amended at the 1996 District Convention.
Policy No. 3 :  Raffles
 Purpose :  To establish a policy for the running of raffles by the clubs of the district.
The District Governor has the discretion to approve or decline any application in writing from any club wishing to operate a raffle, subject to the following requirements :
1.   Details of the purpose of the raffle.
2.   Confirmation that two-thirds of the club membership have agreed to conduct the raffle.
3.   Confirmation that the prizes or the equivalent value in cash is to hand before the sale of tickets commences.
4.   An undertaking from New Zealand clubs that the raffle will be governed by the Gaming Act 2004 and any subsequent amendments.
5.   For clubs in other countries of the district, an undertaking is required that any raffle will be conducted in accordance with local laws and regulations.
Adopted at the 1975 District Convention.  Amended at the 2007 District Convention.
Policy No. 4 :  Nominations for International Office
 Purpose :  To establish a nominating procedure for those wishing to stand for election to any Kiwanis International office.
Any member of this District who is either seeking or intended to be nominated by another for election to any Kiwanis International Board office or any Kiwanis Asia-Pacific office shall first give notice of intent in writing in the form of a proposed resolution seeking endorsement of the District House of Delegates to the candidacy of the member. Such notice shall be provided to the District Secretary at least 60 days prior to the date of the next District Convention.
In extenuating circumstances limited solely to timing of an unexpected vacancy where consideration of endorsement by the District House of Delegates cannot be reasonably arranged the members proposal to seek candidacy maybe considered and, if thought fit, endorsed by the District Board of Trustees in authority during the administrative year in which the election will take place.
Adopted at the 1992 District Convention.  Amended at the 2000, 2008 and 2014 District Conventions.
Policy No. 5 :  Lt. Governor Substitutes
 Purpose :  To allow for consistent representation and communication with the French Divisions.
In the case of a substitute representative to a District Board of Trustees meeting representing an apologising officer resident in any division of the New Zealand - South Pacific District, the Governor can, at the time of approving the substitute representative, agree to reimburse all or part of the travel costs of such substitute representative up to the agreed budget amount and such agreement should be recorded in writing to the District Secretary.
Such substitute representative shall be a club member nominated by the serving Lt. Governor, and may attend the meeting as the formal representative of the apologising officer and will be extended all speaking rights and courtesies available to the apologising officer except that the substitute representative may not vote at the meeting.
Adopted at the 2000 district convention and amended at the 2005 district convention.
Policy No. 6 :  District Projects Funding
 Purpose :  To provide adequate financing of district type projects to ensure they are able to survive on a continuing basis as district signature projects and for the benefit of the community at large.
That the District Board of Trustees shall establish a fund on an annual basis to provide for the continuing funding support of district projects as approved by the members at any New Zealand-South Pacific District Convention.  Such projects shall be voted on by members in accordance with the provisions in Policy No 1 (a) and shall continue on an ongoing basis until the members at a Convention shall otherwise determine.
Funding shall be determined as follows :
a.   The amounts of funding necessary for such projects shall be determined by the District Board of Trustees annually and an amount per member calculated and advised to all clubs, provided that the amounts shall not exceed any maximum as set out in the respective policies.
b.   The amount required from each club shall be established by the District Board of Trustees before 28 February in each year and such amounts shall be paid by the clubs no later than 31 May in each year.
All contributions made by a club each year to District Projects shall be recognised as a club project.
Adopted at 2008 District Convention.
Policy No. 7 :  District Support - Science Fairs
 Purpose :  To show that the District understands the importance of Science Fairs for our youth and the future of science in our country and therefore encourages Kiwanis clubs to be involved at the crucial local and provincial levels.
Each year this district shall support the Regional Science Fairs programme by encouraging the involvement of Kiwanis Clubs.
Adopted at 2010 District Convention.  The previous Policy #7 regarding "Realise the Dream" support was rescinded at the 2010 convention.
Policy No. 8 :  District Project - Key Club Sponsorship
 Purpose :  This District has established an annual sponsorship to be awarded to a Key Club member in recognition of service and devotion to the objects of Key Club.  To continue our support each year we need to provide for sufficient funding for such a sponsorship.
Each year this District shall provide one sponsorship to a Key Club member who has shown outstanding service and dedication to the objects of Key Club.  Each club shall pay to the District for each of its members a sum as provided for in the district projects funding policy.  The total amount to be funded by all the clubs shall not exceed the sum of $NZ2000.
Adopted at 2008 District Convention.
Policy No. 9 :  District Project - South Pacific Islands Support Project
 Purpose :  To provide support for the children of South Pacific Islands with the supply of school books, school supplies, clothes and other such commodities to improve their education, health and well being.  For a long time, many clubs have provided resources and financial assistance for shipments to the South Pacific.
Each year this District, in conjunction with the Kiwanis clubs of the South Pacific, shall ship at least one container load of resources and equipment to the South Pacific to be distributed for the benefit of the children and schools in the South Pacific.  Each club shall pay to the district for each of its members a sum as provided for in the district projects funding policy.  The total amount to be funded by all the clubs shall not exceed the sum of $NZ6000.
Adopted at 2008 district convention, amended at the 2016 district convention.
Policy No. 10 :  District Convention Standing Rules
 Purpose :  To establish a standard for district convention standing rules. These rules are to be confirmed or modified by the house of delegates at each district convention for use at that district convention.
Rule 1 :  The official languages of this convention shall be either English or French, with simultaneous interpretation into French or English, if requested by any group of two or more delegates.
Rule 2 :  Any main motion or amendment shall be written in English, signed by the maker and seconder, and presented to the district secretary before it is moved.
Rule 3 :  During any voting session, only delegates may be seated in the area designated for delegates.
Rule 4 :  The house of delegates shall not be closed.
Rule 5 :  No delegate shall speak more than three minutes at a time by the orders of the day or by a majority vote of the delegates.
Rule 6 :  No delegate may address the assembly a second time on the same question until all delegates who desire to speak on the topic have spoken.
Rule 7 :  The maker of a motion shall be entitled to speak first in support of such motion or may immediately yield the floor to another delegate.
Rule 8 :  Debate shall alternate between those speaking for and those against the motion.
Rule 9 :  A delegate shall not speak for or against a motion and move to close debate on the same recognition.
Rule 10 :
a.   Candidates for office may have one nominating speech not to exceed five minutes by the proposer, or the seconder, but not both.
b.   Candidates for office may have up to ten minutes to address the convention.
Rule 11 :  Any candidate who is unopposed for office may be elected by a voice vote.
Rule 12 :  Debate on any proposed resolution or amendment to the bylaws, including amendments thereto, shall be limited to 45 minutes.
Rule 13 :  A motion to move the previous question will not be in order until 15 minutes of debate has taken place or until there are no more speakers.
Rule 14 :  Nominating speeches for officers may not be waived except in cases where there is only one candidate nominated.
Rule 15 :  If the first session of the house of delegates is a morning session, it shall be adjourned at or near noon.  Subject to the discretion of the chair, no proposed amendment to the bylaws, or other remit or resolution shall be introduced later than 15 minutes before the scheduled adjournment of any morning or afternoon session.  Any proposed amendment not duly considered on that day shall be considered during the second session of the House of Delegates.
Rule 16 :  Any of the above rules except for Rules 1 and 2 may be suspended by a majority vote of delegates.
Rule 17 :  "Roberts Rules Of Order Newly Revised" shall be the parliamentary authority for all matters of procedure not specifically covered by the bylaws of Kiwanis International, and of this District, and these standing rules.
Adopted at 2014 District Convention.
Policy No. 11 :  Kiwanis Support for the Threads Across the Pacific Project
 Purpose :  To formalize the New Zealand - South Pacific district's support of the Threads Across the Pacific Project.  The object of the Threads project is to provide support to the women and children of Vanuatu, to teach them sewing skills which they can use to make clothes for their families and crafts, etc. to sell, providing income for their villages.  Threads currently shares space in containers going to Vanuatu under the South Pacific Islands Support Project, and has a close connection with Kiwanis through this.  With the involvement of Kiwanis, Threads will receive valuable ongoing support for transporting sewing machines and fabrics needed in the sewing workshops and sponsorship opportunities that may be created by Kiwanis.
a) That the NZ-SP District of Kiwanis International formally supports the Threads Across the Pacific (Threads) project set up in 2015 by Kiwanis member Caroline Mason to support the women and children of Vanuatu.  The project teaches sewing skills which the women can use for the benefit of their families and villages.  New sewing machines are donated to Vanuatu schools for the use of both senior school children and Ni-Vanuatu women.
b) That the new name for the joint project will be Kiwanis Threads across the Pacific.
c) That there will be no expectation that the New Zealand - South Pacific District of Kiwanis or any member clubs are required to contribute funds to Threads.

Adopted at 2018 District Convention.  Note that the wording of this policy as provided to clubs in early August 2018 for consideration and as minuted in the convention minutes differs very slightly and in non-significant ways from the wording of the policy printed in the annex to the 2018 convention booklet.  The text above is a mix of the two variants.

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