Liability Insurance Policy

Cette page n'est pas disponible en français et cette matériel est seulment applicable pour les clubs dans Nouvelle-Zélande.

Prepared by Tony Popplewell,
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Kiwanis Clubs in New Zealand are protected by a liability insurance policy paid for on their behalf by the NZSP District.  Below is a summary of what is covered.

The New Zealand-South Pacific District of Kiwanis International hold a public liability policy to provide cover to all clubs (including Key Clubs) and their individual members against any claims arising against the club or the individual member through a negligent act or circumstance when under the umbrella of a Kiwanis activity.

The policy is extensive in its wording and conditions but in general terms this is what it does.

It covers New Zealand clubs only as insurance conditions vary in different territories around the world.  That is why the insurance cover in the United States, which members there pay a premium in their dues, only covers those clubs and members in that territory.

In New Zealand we pay the premium on behalf of the clubs and members belonging to clubs in New Zealand.

The policy also includes member to member liability that is if a member creates a circumstance against another member which may result in a claim against that person then the policy could offer that protection.

Personal injury claims in New Zealand are covered under the Accident Compensation Commission scheme and are therefore not included in the insurance policy.

There are a number of exclusions but the most common one is in the use of vehicles.  The liability arising from the use of vehicles is not covered under this public liability policy.  Liability arising from the use of a vehicle needs to be insured separately by the member, or club if it owned a vehicle.

Nor does the policy covers members when they travel outside of New Zealand.  In those cases your regular travel insurance policy would provide the cover required by the member.

Other main exclusions under the policy include terrorism, loss of electronic data, and building defects.

The basic sum insured under the policy is a limit of indemnity of $2,000,000 for any one occurrence and there is a basic excess of $500.

Should the need arise to demonstrate to an organization that a Kiwanis club is assisting that adequate liability insurance coverage is available than this document from the insurer, setting out coverage limits, is available.

If a Kiwanis club in New Zealand needs to make a claim against this policy, all claims and inquiries should go through the district treasurer in the first instance.  He/she will instruct you how to proceed further.

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