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This page contains information on the district's suggested bylaws for the Kiwanis clubs in New Zealand.

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Suggested New Zealand Kiwanis Club Bylaws

Kiwanis International adopted in 1996 a new "Standard Form for Kiwanis Club Bylaws". Some minor modification have been made since that date.
The standard bylaws have been adapted by the New Zealand South Pacific district for the legal and other conditions in New Zealand and the resulting Suggested New Zealand Club Bylaws are now available for New Zealand clubs. It is strongly advised that all New Zealand Kiwanis clubs should update (replace) their current bylaws with a version based on the Suggested New Zealand Club Bylaws.

Suggested bylaws for the New Caledoninan, French Polynesian and Vanuatuan clubs has not been prepared by the district. Those clubs and divisions are left to their own resources to modify the "standard form for Kiwanis club bylaws" to their own legal and language requirements.

The Suggested New Zealand Club Bylaws are available in hardcopy from the district secretary or on diskette from P.O. Box 19-119, Hamilton (blank diskette and stamped, self-addressed envelope required) or for viewing and downloading from this page.

Guidelines for implementation of the suggested club bylaws have also been provided (see below). It is expected that the clubs will adapt the suggested bylaws to their own requirements and submit them to Kiwanis International and the New Zealand Registrar of Incorporated Societies as explained in the guidelines document.

To view the suggested New Zealand Club Bylaws, click here

To download the suggested New Zealand Club Bylaws document as a zipped WordPerfect 6.0 file, click here (42 KB).

To download the suggested New Zealand Club Bylaws document as a zipped MSWord 2.0 file, click here (42 KB).

Guidelines for the implementation of the suggested New Zealand club bylaws

While the suggested New Zealand club bylaws is a self-standing legal document, it contains no explanations for the changes made in comparison to the previous version nor any clarification of individual clauses. Guidelines have been prepared to provide added explanation of the consequences of some of the clauses for New Zealand Kiwanis clubs and thus draw attention to some of the considerations that New Zealand clubs may wish to make before adopting those clauses in their current form. Instructions are also given for how the individual New Zealand clubs should go about getting their current bylaws amended to conform to the suggested new form.

To view the guidelines for implementation of the suggested club bylaws, click here.

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