Overview of district awards :
Club Bulletin Awards Best Club Secretary Club Education Award
Club Achievement Award Clinton Green Award for Excellence Foundation Griffen Fellowship


Winners :  Club Bulletin Awards

Year Turner Trophy for best English language club bulletin - large clubs* Taylor Trophy for best English language club bulletin - small clubs* Best French language club bulletin**
1991-1992 AshburtonHowickMont Dore
1992-1993 AshburtonPapatoetoeNiaouli
1993-1994 Port HillsTaupoNouméa
1994-1995 Northwest ChristchurchTaupoNorthwest Christchurch
1995-1996 Northwest Christchurch?Northwest Christchurch
1996-1997 Northwest ChristchurchTakapunaNorthwest Christchurch
1997-1998 Drury?Tokoroa
1998-1999 1 KirikiriroaTakapunaNiaouli
1999-2000 Northwest ChristchurchTakapunaNiaouli
2000-2001 TakapunaWaimairiCentre Ouest
2001-2002 Northwest ChristchurchWaimairiNiaouli
2002-2003 Northwest ChristchurchMatamataHibbertia
2003-2004 WestsideManukauHibbertia
2004-2005 WaimairiAshburtonHibbertia
2005-2006 Northwest ChristchurchAshburtonKenu
2006-2007 Northwest ChristchurchNapierKenu
2007-2008 MatamataTakapunaRalia (Koumac)
2008-2009 Roto WhenuaManukauRalia (Koumac)
2009-2010 Northwest ChristchurchNapierÉrythrines
2010-2011 Morrinsville Ralia
2011-2012 Morrinsville Dzumac (Dumbéa)
2012-2013 Morrinsville Ralia (Koumac)
2013-2014 Westside Hamilton Hibbertia
2014-2015 Christchurch Aimeho Mooréa
2015-2016 Morrinsville 'Oa 'Oa
2016-2017 Takapuna Aimeho Mooréa
2017-2018 Napier Aimeho Mooréa
Turner Award
Turner Trophy for best English language club bulletin

French language 
French language club bulletin Award

*  The cut off point between large and small has at various times been 30 then 25 then 20.  The distinction between large and small clubs was effectively removed by the 2010/2011 club bulletin judge - English.  This decision was probably ratified by the district board of trustees but the decision to do so does not seem to have been recorded.  The "Turner Award" was originally donated by Past Governor Barry Turner of the Kiwanis Club of Christchurch (later moved to North West Christchurch).  It was initially for "New Zealand club bulletins of 4 pages and greater.  The "Taylor Award" was originally donated by Ross Taylor of the Kiwanis Club of Ashburton (who was district bulletin editor from 1996-2003).  It was originally for "New Zealand club bulletins - computerized".  The placque for the Taylor award seems to have been lost.
**  The "French language club bulletin Award" Originally started out as the "District Award for best club bulletin", which explains why some English language clubs are listed.
1 The 1998-1999 awards are as recorded on the respective trophies (with the exception of the Taylor trophy - lost).  The minutes of the 1999 convention record the following results :  Best District to Takapuna, Turner to Niaouli, Taylor to Kirikiriroa.  The above table assumes that these minutes were incorrect and that the Taylor trophy was awarded to Takapuna.
Bulletin awards for 1990-1991 :  "Ruby" (clubs greater than 46 members) - Tahiti-Papeete, "Emerald" (30-45 members) - Nouméa, "Coral" (less than 30 members) - Centre Ouest.  There were no placques for these awards (or at least no placques have survived).  Prior to this there do not seem to have been any club bulletin awards.

Winners :  Don Sayers Award for Best Club Secretary

Year Name Club
1981-1982 ?Howick
1982-1983I. W. ShawWhakatane
1983-1984Tony BattyKaeo
1984-1985J. St. Cl. PerryTauranga
1985-1986Alain MermondSud Ouest
1986-1987Alain MermondSud Ouest
1987-1988René LucasNouméa
1988-1989Ash PeatRotorua
1989-1990Claude GuillermeNouméa
1990-1991J. P. HerautNouméa
1991-1992Peter PalmerRotorua
1992-1993Jean-Marie ArmandNouméa
1993-1994Lynette DolmanKawerau
1994-1995Conrad NivenAshburton
1995-1996Peter PalmerRotorua
1996-1997Faye BlankDrury
1997-1998John SturgeChristchurch
1998-1999John SturgeChristchurch
1999-2000Tony PopplewellTakapuna
2000-2001Jean-Baptiste CalvezMont Dore
2001-2002Lorraine HylandDrury
2002-2003Ray BennettAshburton
2003-2004Catherine MoestarHibbertia
2004-2005Christine McRobbieTaupo
2005-2006Thea PriceWestside Hamilton
2006-2007Michael BoydRoto Whenua
2007-2008Patsy HillTakapuna
2008-2009O'ea CalinaudAimeho Mooréa
2009-2010Jean-Baptiste CalvezMont Dore
Don Sayers Award
The trophy was originally donated by 1981-1982 Governor Don Sayers of the Kiwanis Club of Takapuna.  Nothing is recorded in district convention minutes about the donation nor about early winners.  The trophy was last awarded to Jean-Baptiste Calvez of the Kiwanis Club of Mont Dore.  The trophy is physically tiny and has no room to engrave further names on it.  The trophy was permanently retired at the district board of trustees meeting 16/11/2013 primarily due to lack of suitible criteria upon which to base the award.

Winners :  Education Award (for clubs)

Year Club
1989-1990-not awarded-
1992-1993Mont Dore
1997-1998Roto Whenua
Education Award
The trophy donated to the district in 1998 by Yann Paullic "and will be presented each year to the club which has done the most for Kiwanis education" (1988 district convention minutes).  After 2009, the trophy was no longer awarded.  At the 5 September, 2014 district board of trustees meeting "Due to the difficulties in defining effective criteria for the annual bestowal of this trophy it was agreed that the trophy be retired until further notice and committed to the care of the district archivist" (minutes, Item 4g).

Winners :  Achievement Award (for clubs)

Year Club
1990-1991Mont Dore
1992-1993Mont Dore
1993-1994Mont Dore
1994-1995Lower Hutt
1997-1998(not awarded)
1999-2000Mont Dore
2000-2001Mont Dore
2002-2003Roto Whenua
2003-2004Mont Dore
2005-2006Roto Whenua
2006-2007Mont Dore
Club achievement 
The recognition was awarded to the "best" club in the district based on a selection of criteria which changed slightly each year.  Certainly in later years and possibly from the beginning, this was an evaluation based on points being allocated for certain desirable club behaviors.  The 1990-1991 winner was recorded in the 1991 district convention minutes but does not appear on the award plaque.  The award was discontinued after 2007-2008 due to the heavy workload placed on the district secretary to evaluate the club monthly reports, allocate the points and tallying them to determine the winner.  Note that there was no resolution passed by the district board of trustees to discontinue the award - it simply ceased being awarded.  The award recognition plaque has since been committed to the care of the district archivist.
It should be noted that, beginning in the 2016/2017 year an award in the form of a banner patch was initiated to recognized clubs which turned in monthly reports (in the form of a spreadsheet) to the district secretary.  As there was no trophy for this and as multiple clubs could win a patch, the results have not been listed here - please refer to the minutes of the various district conventions.

Winners :  Clinton Green Award for Excellence

Year Person (& their club) Reason
1995-1996Mike Young (Howick) Vanuatu Project
1996-1997Trevor Langley (Lower Hutt) Science Fairs
1997-1998Robert Lynds (Mt. Mauganui) I.D.D. Project
1998-1999Vern Dooley (Papakura)  
1999-2000Fred Guy (Kaeo)  
2000-2001not awarded 
2001-2002Gay McNamara (Drury) Kiwanis Targeting Burns
2002-2003Ernie Hough (Howick) Kiwanis Stamps
2003-2004P. Wilson & W. Pechan (Port Vila) 
2004-2005David & Joyce Young (Papatoetoe)Fire Safety Education House
2005-2006John Bell (Papatoetoe) Lt. Governor Support
2006-2007Yvonne Joynes (Westside Hamilton)Charity Golf Tournament
2007-2008Lorraine Hyland (Drury)  
2008-2009Michael & Patsy Hill (Takapuna)Continuous Community Service
2009-2010Bruce Galbraith (Christchurch)Continuous Community Service
2010-2011Jim Kyle (Matamata) Long Term Dedicated Service
2011-2012Compagnie Théâtrale du Kiwanis (Division 6) 
2012-2013Faye Blank (Drury) New Club Building
2013-2014Megan Allan (Waiau Pa Clarks Beach)Leadership of Divisional Projects
2014-2015not awarded 
2015-2016Julie Wright (Takapuna)Excellence in editing the district newsletter
2016-2017Caroline Mason (Matamata)Starting and leading the "Threads Across the Pacific" project
2017-2018not awarded 
Clinton Green Award
The trophy was donated by two anonymous donors and named in honor of 1994-1995 Governor Clinton Green of the Kiwanis Club of Napier.  It is awarded annually to the district member or group of members who have demonstrated exceptional excellence and initiative in organizing or pursuing the aims of Kiwanis in the New Zealand - South Pacific District.
The winner of the award was determined each year by the Association of Past Lt. Governors based on criteria that they select and on applications that the association solicited from Kiwanis clubs in the district.  From 2017/2018, the winner of the award is determined each year by a person appointed by the district board.  The adjudicator may select the such criteria for the award that they see fit within the limits of the purpose of the award and based on applications solicited and received from Kiwanis clubs in the district.  The appointed adjudicator may select such other persons as he/she sees fit to assist in the judging of the winner.


Holders :  District Foundation John D. Griffen Fellowship

Name Club at time of award Date bestowed Distinction
Megan Allan Waiau Pa Clarks Beach  
Neil Allan Waiau Pa Clarks Beach  
Brian Baker Westside Hamilton  
Barbara Baker Westside Hamilton3/9/2010 
Gavin Bates Northwest Christchurch  
Ewan Beck Papakura1/9/2017Pearl
John Bell Papatoetoe  
Alexandre Beke Mont-Dore  
Ghyslaine Faubert-Ber (depends on date)  
Bérenger Ber Kaori  
Doriane Berger Hibbertia7/9/2018 
Lucien Blanc Mont-Dore  
Cliff Blank Papakura  
Faye Blank Drury  
Ian Calder Kirikiriroa  
O'ea Calinaud Aimeho Mooréa  
Laetitia Calvez Niaouli-Nouméa  
Barrie Collett Takapuna  
Aline Corriéras Hibbertia  
Graham Chick Northwest Christchurch  
Donald Craig St. Heliers  
Rex Crenfeldt Taupo Pearl
Chris Depatin Mont-Dore  
Bernard Désarmagnac Sud Ouest  
Danielle Désarmagnac (depends on date)  
Larry Detrich Christchurch  
Bette Eavestaff (depends on date)  
Peter Evans St. Heliers3/9/2010 
Antoinette Faubert Kenu  
Jean-Marie Firmin-Guion Mont-Dore  
Michel Fongue Mont-Dore Pearl
Vaiata Friedman Aimeho Mooréa  
Dianne French Drury  
Alan Gaudion Kirikiriroa3/9/2010 
Blair Gerrard Rotorua  
Véronique Girard Ralia  
Gilles Gooding 'Oa 'Oa  
Robyn Green Napier  
Clinton Green Napier  
Michele Greppo (depends on date)  
Raymond Greppo Gorobaï  
Henri Habib Mont-Dore  
Paul Haiti Tahiti-Papeete  
Larry Detrich Christchurch  
Belinda Helm-Sao Yao Aimeho Mooréa7/9/2018 
David Henderson Taupo  
Hinemoa Henderson Taupo  
Michael Hill Takapuna  
Patsy Hill Takapuna Pearl
Ernest Hough Papatoetoe  
Malcolm Hunt Kirikiriroa3/9/2010 
Charlie Hurihanganui Rotorua  
Bob Jamieson (depends on date)  
Lorraine Hyland Drury  
Yvonne Joynes Westside Hamilton3/9/2010 
Barbara Kelly (depends on date) Pearl
Alexandre Kérourédan Gorobaï  
Rex Keys Papakura  
Marco Knaus Tokoroa  
Jim Kyle Matamata11/3/2000 
Gloria Langley (depends on date)  
Trevor Langley (depends on date)  
Robert Lecocq (depends on date)  
Rodney Lugton Kirikiriroa3/9/2010 
Robert Lynds (depends on date)  
Graham Mathieson St. Heliers3/9/2010 
Christopher Matthews (depends on date)  
Alec McGowan (depends on date)  
Rosalie McGowan Westside Hamilton  
Michael McIvor Te Awamutu  
Gay McNamara Drury  
Christine McRobbie Taupo Pearl
Lucienne Meignen Aimeho Mooréa1/9/2017 
Hina Mercier Vahine-Papeete-Tahiti  
Bernard Mestraud Mont-Dore  
René-Paul Milne Sud Ouest  
Robert Mouraud Mont-Dore  
Richard Oliphant St. Heliers  
Werner Pechan Port Vila  
Rodney Lugton Kirikiriroa  
Stella Penn Drury  
Lucien Péraldi Érythrines-Bourail  
Marcella Popplewell Takapuna  
Tony Popplewell Takapuna  
Michael Powell (depends on date)  
Richard Guy Probert Te Awamutu  
Ann Raymond Drury  
John Reid St. Heliers5/5/2018 
Fifi Rere Aimeho Mooréa  
Kiki Ringland Aimeho Mooréa2012 
Julia Soo Takapuna  
Mike Stachurski St. Heliers  
Kevin Stanisich Rotorua  
John Thomson St. Heliers  
Richard Tozer St. Heliers  
Jean-Claude Ville Mont-Dore  
John Warriner Wellington  
Lorraine Warriner Wellington  
Albert Weiss Gorobaï de Païta  
Barry Wells Morrinsville  
Lyn Wells Morrinsville  
Peter Wilson Port Vila  
Edna-May Wood Drury  
Julie Wright North West Christchurch29/9/2017 
Club Griffin Fellowships
  Auckland (II)3/9/2010 
  Gorobaï de Païta  
  North West Christchurch  
  North West Christchurch7/9/2018 2nd time
  Ralia Koumac  
  St. Heliers  
  Westside Hamilton  
  Westside Hamilton7/9/2018 2nd time
Griffin Fellowships purchased by non-Kiwanians or from outside the district
Bryan Saunders Australia  
Angus S. 'Gus' Lamont Jr.    
Robert E. Tandy Past Governor of the New England District, U.S.A.  
John G. Tyner Past Governor of the Capital District, U.S.A.  
Griffen Medallion
Griffen Fellowship medallion with ribbon & 2nd tier black pearl

Pearl Griffen
Pearl Griffen (for a 2nd Griffen purchased)

This Fellowship, which may also be referred to simply as a Griffen Fellowship, has been established (date?) to commemorate the memory of John D. Griffen who was responsible for establishing the Kiwanis organisation in this part of the world.
A Griffen Fellowship may be acquired by gifting to the Foundation in one amount $1000 or two payments of $500 over a two year period.  (Include something about what you get for the money.)
Clubs may purchase the John D. Griffen Fellowship Club Award.  The club will receive a wall plaque as in all Griffen Fellowships and a banner patch dated the year of presentation.  For subsequent donations by the same club for the “Griffen” club award, only a banner patch with the presentation date will be awarded to the club.
A Griffen Fellowship Club Award may be acquired by gifting to the Foundation Trust in one amount $1000 or two payments of $500 over a two year period.

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