Reporting Club Officer Elections

This page contains instructions and a form for club secretaries to report the results of club officer elections to the NZ-SP District.
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Instructions for club secretaries - reporting club officer elections to the district :
  Elections for club officers are held in April or May of each Kiwanis year and the elected officers start their term of office on 1 October.  The current club secretary needs to notify the club elections results by 1 June to four different places :
a.  to Kiwanis International - so that the incoming secretary and president get access to the on-line reporting system when the new year starts,
b.  to the district webmaster ( - so that the names and addresses of the club president and secretary will appear in the "District Directory" for the new year,
c.  to the incoming lt. governor - so that he/she will know who the divisional team is going to be and
d.  to the incoming district secretary so that communication can be established with the incoming club officers.

If the club secretary is not sure, who the incoming district secretary and the incoming lt. governor are, see the district directory.  If that does not help then the governor-elect ( should be able to help you.
The PREFERRED way to report on club elections is for the club secretary to report separately to :
1)  Kiwanis International (using the club secretary dashboard at the KiwanisOne website) and to
2)  download the formthe above mentioned district officers (by submitting the Club Officers Election Report Form - either filled out by hand or typed on your computer and printed and mailed or emailed).
If the club secretary is not registered with KiwanisOne, inform the current district secretary ( and the district secretary will take care of registering the essential officer information for your club.  Ignoring the registration of officers on the KiwanisOne website is NOT advisable.  Non-registration would mean that your club will not appear with contact details in the Kiwanis International directory and (more importantly) the new club secretary will not be able to access the secretary dashboard on the KiwanisOne website during their term of office.
Reporting mid-year club officer changes to the district :
  If an officer changes during the year, please follow exactly the same procedures as described above.  Do not fill in information for officers which have not changed.
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