Guidelines and forms for club monthly reporting

This page contains guidelines and forms for club secretaries for monthly reporting to the NZ-SP District.
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NZ-SP District 2018/2019 Club Monthly Report Form
Instructions for club secretaries for end of month reporting to the district :
  For the 2018/2019 Kiwanis year, The district board has agreed to continue the procedure started in the previous year for club secretaries to submit monthly reports of club activities.  The aim is to make the process easy for the club secretary and to keep the collection of club progress information conformant with the "I-Plan" that Kiwanis International wants clubs to continue to follow in the 2018/2019 year.
The report is a simple MS Excel spread sheet that the club secretary is to fill out at the end of each month and send (preferably by email) to the district secretary and to your lt. governor.  There is NO LONGER any requirement for the Kiwanis International on-line monthly report to be filled out.
The district board wants to be able to measure how each club and the district as a whole is progressing towards meeting our I-Plan goals.  The report should open as an MS Excel, Open Office, or Google Docs spreadsheet.
The membership total at 30 September should agree with the membership total at 1 October.  If you have members resigning at the end of September they should be removed from the September total.
At the end of each month, the club secretary fills in the column for that month according to the activity in the club.  Note that the totals are automatically calculated. If the totals become too long for the cell, a row of ##### will appear in the cell.  At the top of the column, you can drag the width to increase it until the number displays correctly.
The spreadsheet with the month's information is then attached to an email and sent to the district secretary ( and to the lt. governor for your club - for email addresses, see the district directory (  At the end of the following month the next column is filled in and the updated spreadsheet is sent again to the district secretary and to your lt. governor.
Note that the reports are only completed and returned for the 10 months of October through July.  At the district convention, a club achievement award will be presented to each club that has sent in all 10 reports and with at least 90% of the requested information provided.  If there is any reason that the spreadsheet cannot be filled out and emailed, a copy can be printed and filled out by hand.
download the spreadsheetThe spreadsheet can be downloaded on the right.  Save the file to your local hard drive from which you can open it and fill it in at the end of each month.
Your contribution to this effort would be greatly appreciated.  If there is anything in the instructions or the spreadsheet that you find ambiguous or if you have other comments, the district secretary would be pleased to get your feedback.
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