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This page lists some of the recent major events and service activities for our organization. If you would like more information about any of these events, please contact our Secretary or any of the other club officers.

Service Activities and Events:

Yarndley's Bush
In cooperation with the Waipa District Council, The Kiwanis Club of Te Awamutu built a board walkway and a viewing platform into this unique stand of Kahikatea trees (a New Zealand native podocarp). This project stretched over numerous weekends during several months in 1995/96. Click here to read about Yarndley's Bush.

The Multi-sport Challenge
The Challenge was a 6-event multi-sport competition [road bike (2 legs), mountain bike, running, water skiing, kayaking] which was held annually from 1996 to 1998.  The event had its roots in the Kiwanis Kakepuku Killer which was run as a duathlon (mountain run / road bike) in October of 1994. These multi-sport events were the major fundraising project for the Kiwanis Club of Te Awamutu during the Kiwanis International "World Service Project" to eliminate IDD worldwide (Iodine Deficiency Disorder - Kiwanis International pledged to raise US$75 million by the year 2000 to eliminate this crippling disease of children).  The proceeds of the 'Challenge' went to the charitable projects and sponsorships of the club but primarily to the IDD effort.  The Te Awamutu Kiwanis did the organization, all of the marshaling and much of the timekeeping on the course.
The 1996 event was a huge success. The competitors raved about it and the major sponsor reveled in the publicity. Financially, the club netted several thousand dollars which was put towards the IDD project and other service projects of the Kiwanis Club of Te Awamutu.

The 1997 ASB Bank Multi-Sport Challenge continued the successful series with the club netting just slightly less. A video of the 1997 event was professionally made which has gotten us some valuable television coverage and promotion for the 1998 Challenge. You can read all about the 1997 sporting results here.

The 1998 ASB Bank Multi-Sport Challenge was held Sunday, 5 April, 1998. The course and the 1998 sporting results can be found here.

It is currently not planned to run the Multi-Sport Challenge again. This is partly because our major sponsor has placed its priorities elsewhere and withdrawn support. It is also because our IDD fundraising has been completed and the club wishes to again concentrate on projects that directly benefit the Te Awamutu community.

Lake Ngaroto walkway
In cooperation with the Waipa District Council, The Kiwanis Club of Te Awamutu built a floating board walkway across the marsh at the upper end of this local recreation lake and natural wetlands habitat. This project started in November, 1996 and was finished in June, 1997. Click here to read about Lake Ngaroto and the walkway.

Other Service Activities:

Our club does heaps for our community. For just a small sample of the kinds of things we do click here to read a short description and see a few pictures.

Other Activities:

Our Trip to the 1996 Kiwanis NZSP District Convention
Any organization has a certain amount of administration to be done and business meetings to be attended. The Kiwanis Club of Te Awamutu tries to make these activities fun for the members. Click here to read about our trip to the 1996 District Convention on the island of Moorea, French Polynesia (due to a number of original drawings by Margaret Choat and Ray Renshaw, the report takes a while to download - 75 kB).

Our Trip to the 1997 Kiwanis NZSP District Convention
Click here to read about our trip to the 1997 District Convention in Rotorua. (due to a few memorable snapshots, the report takes a while to download - 293 kB).

Our trip to the 1998 District Convention in Christchurch.

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