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New Zealand South Pacific 2002 District Convention Highlights

By Patsy Hill - Kiwanis Club of Takapuna

Tony Popplewell was given unanimous approval by the House of Delegates as Governor Designate of the New Zealand South Pacific Kiwanis District. Seen here receiving his official banner patch from Herman Pittomvils from Belgium, (Kiwanis International Trustee and KI Counsellor to NZSP District for 2002/3), Tony will formally take over as Governor on 1 October 2002. However Tony had a considerable input into the Taupo convention and it was clear to see that the District will be in very competent hands for the next 12 months. Herman Pittomvils (KI Counsellor for our district) presents Governor's patch to Tony Popplewell
Herman presents District Treasurer patch to Mike Hill Alan Paterson (Lt. Governor Division 1) receives banner patch Also re-elected to serve a further year as NZSP District Treasurer was Mike Hill, seen here receiving his banner patch from Herman. Mike has already shown for a couple of years that he is keeping the District finances closely under his control. Likewise Alan Paterson is to remain as Lt Governor Division One for a further year, and Patsy Hill joins the District team as District Chair for Public Relations.
For the second year in succession, Patsy Hill and Tony Popplewell had the thrill of being presented with Distinguished Club President and Secretary pins and a Distinguished Club banner patch, this time in respect of the year 2000/1 President-elect Gail Waring also received a patch for the club - in respect of the club's participation and completion of its 3 year target in the Kiwanis Targeting Burns project - and Standley Jober received the banner patch for our participation in the Science Fair project in 2001. Barabara Kelly presents Distinguished President and Secretary award to Patsy Hill and Tony Popplewell
Takapuna group dressed for Circus night Chris McRobbie and Dave Mackenzie
The social side of the Convention was also magical, with a Magic Circus night on the Friday and a Black and White Formal night on the Saturday. As can be seen, the Takapuna members present joined into the spirit of the occasion with gusto - and some tried hard to follow the magician's tricks - all to no avail.
And there were also the more serious moments when time was set aside to remember Kiwanians like our own Warwick Moore, who had passed away during the last twelve months.
Standley Jober by the candles of remembrance
Five members of the Takapuna participants were lucky enough to be able to take advantage of a wonderful offer from past member Roger Smitheram to be able to stay at Roger and Coralie's Taupo home, as they had left just days before on an overseas holiday. Thanks to them both - it was a great haven for 5 weary Kiwanians at the end of the day.
Also attending Convention were past Takapuna member Rob Pentreath and Hazel, who were in great form and who brought us all up to date on the joys or otherwise of running a Kiwi fruit/nectarine orchard. Hear tell they portrayed the circus lion tamer and his lion at the circus night - wow what a tail Hazel had, to be sure? Rob is to become President of Napier club on 1 October thereby sharing his vast Takapuna experience.
Division 11 at circus night
Take care to never be seen yawning at a convention or other occasion when Bertie from Napier is present. 'Art Deco' Bertie is the roving ambassador for Napier, and one member of Takapuna was caught yawning at his presentation. Before a blink of an eye, they found themselves up on stage having to perform 'wake up' exercises to increase their oxygen intake.
Dr. Stephen Mills and Pam Tregonning being presented with the big cheque for the Kidz First Burns Unit As to the business side of things, It was decided that the district would not continue the telemarketing campaign currently being undertaken in conjunction with Fundraising Concepts Ltd. There was considerable dissention within the District and a vote determined that the present trials should be concluded and no further contract entered into at this stage. Advance notice was given by KI International Trustee Herman Pittomvils of a likely proposal to the International convention in 2003, seeking an increase in international dues. However this was not discussed in any detail at the Taupo Convention. Henri Habib of Division 6 New Caledonia was elected as Governor-Elect of NZSP District for the year 2002/3 Gay McNamara, District Chair Serving the Children of the World, had great pleasure in presenting a cheque to representatives of the Kidz First Burns Unit to enable an anesthesia delivery unit to be purchased right now. KTB will continue as a project for 2 more years to allow clubs which have not completed their targets to do so - and other clubs can of course still donate to KTB which will work towards a second anesthesia delivery unit.

A new item to be included in the District convention this year at Taupo was a Silent Auction, aimed at raising funds and awareness of the District Foundation Trust. Clubs were all asked to contribute items for this auction. Our Board decided to donate a hotel voucher won through our involvement in the entertainment books scheme, and we were also very lucky that prospective new member Dyan Hague donated a lovely painting by her, entitled "Earth's Perfection" to benefit children. Thanks Dyan. The Silent Auction ended up with approximately 36 'lots' which were put on display outside the convention room. Everyone was able to record their bids on bidding sheets placed alongside the items. Fierce competition ensued for quite a few items - with a certain member of Takapuna paying well over the odds for a tie which had been given to the late David Henderson of the Taupo club some years previous by actor Roger Moore. Rumour has it the new owner may charge anyone who wishes to touch this special tie! Maybe he will wear it to the next tea meeting??!! The Auction proved a lot of fun and succeeded in raising $2500 for the Foundation Trust. No doubt it will become a regular feature of future Conventions and the Foundation will be happy to receive items for inclusion at the Napier 2003 Convention at any time. See Tony or Mike Hill if you have anything suitable, at any time during the coming year.
Heard tell at Convention that Marcella was highly surprised when, on the Wairakei Hotel golf course playing with Hazel Pentreath, she completely lost her ball temporarily. She was even more surprised when Hazel located it - in the hole, giving Marcella a Hole In One!! Marcella wasn't too conversant with the tradition of shouting a bottle of champagne for such achievements, but Hazel soon rectified the matter by ordering one in Marcella's name from the bar . Not long before there were more shrieks of joy from Marcella when the bubbly arrived and she soon had the lid off and 'bubbles' everywhere. CONGRATULATIONS MARCELLA! Marcella Popplewell celebrating Hole in One


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