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Text and photographs by Stella Penn - Kiwanis Club of Drury Publicity Officer

The Kiwanis Club of Drury chose to get out into the local community on 4 April, 2009, by holding a stall outside of the Drury shops. The purpose was to get the Kiwanis name out there and to acknowledge our commitment to children.
Baloons for the kids
Division 10 Lt. Governor and club member Faye Blank hands out balloons.
Lt. Governor Faye Blank handed out a large quantity of Kiwanis balloons and candy to passing children. Kiwanis promotional pamphlets were given to parents and for good measure our members had been cooking up a storm in the kitchen making cakes and preserves to sell on the stall.

Feedback was very positive, names were taken for two prospective members and we managed also to sell some tickets for an upcoming fashion parade.

Nine members worked on the stall and as always some of the best Kiwanis fellowship is found on this type of project. Twelve members provided cakes and preserves for the stall which raised nearly $400. This was later presented to Plunket for the purchase of child car restraints.
Drury club members
Helpers left to right: Gay McNamara, Stella Penn, Jill Lawson, Pauline Gallagher, Annette Castle and Lt. Governor Faye Blank.

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