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“Angel Light Breakfast Club”
Text by Stella Penn - Kiwanis Club of Drury Publicity Officer
THE NEED:  Many children are sent to school without breakfast. These children not only have difficulties with concentration and learning but are often disruptive in class which in turn affects the other pupils.
THE PLAN:  A local church set up a program called “Angel Light Breakfast Club”, selecting two schools in the poorer part of Papakura. THE KIWANIS CLUB OF DRURY was happy to become involved and to provide volunteers as well as financial assistance.
THE BREAKFAST:  The children are offered cereal with milk, toast with a choice of spreads and hot cocoa. Sometimes muesli bars are also available. All foods are either donated or purchased with monetary donations and the organisers have become adept at sourcing product such as quantities of sliced bread from bakery over-runs which are stored in freezers around the district for future use.
THE BENEFITS:  Feedback from the schools has been very encouraging with the following comments:
  1. Improved behaviour in class with better concentration which in turn benefits the other pupils.
  2. The social benefits of sitting around a table with other children and the interaction with adult volunteers.
  3. The table etiquette which is expected of the children and the requirement to take their dishes to the kitchen when finished may be the only such training some of these children may receive.
DONATIONS:  Families are invited to make a small donation which is used at the end of the term to purchase a box of groceries to be given to a needy family at the discretion of the school. The children then feel that they are helping others too.


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