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The distribution of goods from one of the containers sent in 2012

18 March, 2012
Hello everyone,
Over recent weeks we had a number of groups gather for distribution of books and equipment from the donations sent over to the children and communities of Vanuatu by New Zealand Kiwanis.  The beneficiaries of the distribution of equipment and books in recent times have included:

The Kiwanis Club of Port Vila is very pleased that we are able to assist in areas of need around the country.  Recently we have just about covered schools from North to South and also our particular area of support in Port Vila being the Children's Ward. We also support the Red Cross and the Boy Scouts that do good work throughout the country.  Kiwanis understand that we cannot cover every area of need in the country.  We do try and spread our assistance far and wide as much as our resources allow us.  We hope that the kids that get the benefit of the generosity of our friends in Kiwanis New Zealand appreciate that and make good use of everything that they receive.  Kiwanis in Vila have been advised by our friends in New Zealand that more equipment will be sent across to us in the middle of the year.  We look forward to be able to distributing that to more of the needy kids of Vanuatu.
We hope to receive some nice positive feedback from the kids and their teachers when all these wonderful items reach them.  We will certainly send that on to the people at Kiwanis in New Zealand as they also appreciate knowing that their great work is appreciated.
Kind regards
Mark Stafford

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