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This page contains information about our 1996 District Convention, held September 17-19, 1996 on the island of Moorea in French Polynesia. This is not and should not be construed to be an official report of the convention. Instead there is some information about the program, the results, and a few links to individual club reports.

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About the venue:

Maybe it's the flower--scented breezes that fill the air. Maybe it's the sweet caress of warm, clear lagoon waters on bare skin. Maybe it's the fiery sun that sinks slowly, dramatically into the vast South Pacific. Or the easy smiles and generous laughter of the gentle people. Club Med brings the ultimate village experience to one of the world's most beautiful places --Moorea, in French Polynesia, an island paradise surrounded by colorful coral and untouched islets called motus.

Does that paragraph sound like it was lifted straight from a travel brochure? You're right, it was, but the experience was pretty much like that.


There were three half-days of meetings on the mornings (only) of the 17th, 18th and 19th. Convention sessions were held from 08:30 to 12:30. For the time between sessions and the time before and after the convention, there was surf, palm trees, beaches and good eating at the Club Méditeriné on Moorea Island.

Program - Day 1 - Tuesday, 17 September
Strategic Plan Presentation.
Delegates' Session A - Policy resolutions and bylaw amendments. All resolutions and amendments presented during session 1 passed with the exception of the resolution put forward by Christchurch Central regarding approval of District projects.
Workshops on public relations, new club building, membership growth, community services and special projects.

Program - Day 2 - Wednesday, 18 September
1994/95 awards presentation.
Executive reports.
Presentations by the candidates for District office.
Forum on the Worldwide Service Project (IDD).
Address by Governor Rex Keys.
Presentation of 1995/96 awards.

Program - Day 3 - Thursday, 19 September
Delegates' Session B - Election of District Officers - Remits and resolutions. Neville Puckey was elected Governor Elect. All other candidates were unopposed. The District dues increase from $32.00 + GST to $36.00 + GST was approved.
Worldwide Service Project awards presentation.
Address by International President-Elect Walter Sellers.
Forum on Kiwanis in the 21st Century.
Forum on club meetings.
Presentation of the District Convention for 1997 (to be held in Rotorua).
Induction of the 1996/97 District Officers.
Address by Governor-Designate Ian Calder.

Club Reports on the 1996 Convention:

Conventions are always a blast! This can be seen from the following individual Kiwanis Club reports.

Convention report from the Kiwanis Club of Te Awamutu

Convention report from the Kiwanis Club of Hamilton

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